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Tree Swing

The very mention of a tree swing brings to mind pictures of languorous summer afternoons spend swaying back and forth simply watching passersby, children playing and birds chirping. If you have a home and a garden or yard, then it is incomplete until you have a tree swing. Space is not a major concern since you can have a swing of the size that is just right. There are different varieties of tree swings that you can set up. So, first make up your mind about what type of swing you would want. It can be anything from a tire swing for the kids to fool around or it can be a comfortable two-seater where you and your significant other can spend some quality time together just relaxing and sipping wine.

Another option is the single swing chair where you can spend a pleasant afternoon reading a book or even just napping. Swings come in a variety of materials too - from heavy duty cloth and jute swings to wicker and wood and cast iron. You can either buy a readymade swing and put it up or build one from scratch. There are numerous resources available whatever your choice might be. Once you decide what kind of tree swing you are going to get, the next step is choosing the right tree to suspend your swing from.

Make sure that the branches are strong enough to hold the weight of the swing as well as a couple of hundred pounds more to account for those who might occupy it at one time. Also depending on where you are located it might be a good idea to take into consideration the weather conditions year round. If you live in the tropics or some place without snow then there is nothing much to think about. But if you live in a place where winter is snowy and long, you might want a swing that can be easily taken down during winter and then put up again in spring. Another option is putting up a roof on the swing irrespective of the weather.

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