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Tree Nurseries

Tree nurseries are those places where plants and saplings are grown and nurtured for sale. Often some people also have their own private nurseries. In tree nurseries one can find fruit trees or ornamental flowering trees to be supplanted in home gardens and yards. The saplings are often grown through new techniques of horticulture such as grafting and transplanting. These nurseries are also the right place to seek advice and tips on gardening. These days one can even find online tree nurseries. Here, you can see pictures of the different saplings available, order and have them shipped to your door.

Nurseries also stock up on seeds, fertilizers, insecticide and other such gardening essentials. A large tree nursery will often have different climate-controlled sections to cater to the different types of plants that are being grown there. If you are thinking of starting a nursery as a business venture first make sure you have a green thumb. Young trees are like children and need special care and attention if they are to live long. It is not going to be profitable if all your saplings and plants wilt away before clients can buy them.

Also you will need to be knowledgeable about gardening and landscaping since you will be bombarded with queries from first timers and old hands alike. It is not essential that you have educational qualifications in the field. Experience can go a long way when it comes to horticulture. When starting a nursery do some research and first identify your target clients. If you are located in a predominantly residential area then you should consider focusing on plants, trees and shrubs that can be found in private gardens and homes. Fruit trees, flowering trees and potted plants will sell the most. Also keep in mind that these will be the people who will have the most questions.

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