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Tree Houses

Tree houses are no longer child’s play. Building tree houses is now an engaging, creative hobby for adults. As with any other project, planning and organization are essential when building a tree house. It is essential to make sure the tree house is safe so it does not collapse or harm people when they are inside enjoying the experience. The first thing you will need to do is decide the tree on which you will have your tree house. If you want to choose a tall tree give some thought to the effect nature will have on the tree house. The higher up the house is the more it will be prone to strong winds.

A large tree house in a windy area is not a good idea. Children’s houses are usually built closer to the ground to safeguard against falls or accidents. Choose large, strong, thick branches to put up your tree house on. Oak, beech, maple and fir are some of the trees which can hold up tree houses very well. Nails are believed to do lesser damage to the trees than metal. Bolts are a still better option since they are easier to fix and are better and stronger than regular nails. You need to be clear on the design and structure of the building before embarking on the construction itself.

Allocate some extra time for unexpected delays and obstacles. One way of speeding up the process and simplifying it might be constructing the different pieces on the ground before assembling it up in the tree. Ensure that you are not violating any building laws or bypassing legal requirements. Do not encroach on other’s properties and even if it is your land, make sure you will not be causing a disturbance to your neighbors. Try and waterproof your tree house as much as possible. Since it is made of wood, water can cause plenty of damage over a prolonged period of time.

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