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Tree Frog

The tree frog is the common name for a member of the Hylidae family of small frogs that live on small trees or shrubs. They have long toes with the capability to stick to surfaces. Tree frogs are also known as tree toads. There are at least 300 species of this frog found all over the world. Their color could be gray, green or brown. This often depends on the surroundings in which the tree frog lives. They can be broadly classified into two broad categories --- the North American common tree frog and the European tree frogs. The former can be found in Asia and parts of Africa too. They also tend to make a lot of noise as rains approach.

In the US, tree frogs are mainly found in the south eastern parts of the country. Spring and early summer is their time and their calls can be heard at night during these days. These tree frogs can also be cared for as pets. A spacious tall glass aquarium could be one place to house your new pet. The enclosure could be padded with sticks and branches, foliage and a shallow bowl of water. Using live plants is not essential. In fact, this might prove to be tedious since live plants will survive for only a short while.

The water needs to be changed every day or when dirty. Also make sure you put a screened top on the aquarium so your tree frog does not make a getaway. An under tank heater is a good solution for maintaining the temperature during the winter months. The ideal temperature could be somewhere in the low to mid 70s. A heating lamp can also be used, but make sure it is well away from the reach of your pet. The wattage need not be more than 15. Also make sure to clean the enclosure on a regular basis.

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