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Tree Diseases

The kind of diseases afflicting a tree can vary depending on the species of the tree. Hardwood or deciduous trees are very susceptible to diseases caused by fungi. Powdery mildew tree disease, sooty mold tree disease, canker tree disease, leaf spot tree disease and heart rot disease are some common occurrences in these types of trees. As the name suggests powdery mildew can be seen in the form of a white powdery substance on the leaves. Crabapple trees very often get attacks of powdery mildew tree disease. This usually happens during the rains or in fall. One way of preventing this disease is ensuring that the tree gets good sunlight.

Elm and maple trees fall victim to sooty mold tree disease. This manifests itself in the form of dark fungi on the leaves. This generally happens during very dry atmospheric conditions which attracts insects to the plant. Ensure that the trees are well-watered and kept insect-free during such times. A tree is said to have canker when a dead section appears in the bark of the tree. Wounded or injured bark tissue is quick prey to canker causing fungi. Preventing this is the only way to keep away canker. Cutting off the affected branch can help prevent the disease from further spreading.

If spots appear on the leaves of trees, then it is highly likely that the tree has leaf spot tree disease. The spots may be brown or black or somewhere in between the two colors. They can be of different sizes and sometimes have rings around them. There is no specific reason for this affliction and so the best you can do is plant trees at sufficient distances from one another, planting different varieties of trees and annual fertilization. Deciduous trees are most attacked by heart rot disease. This is usually seen in decayed trees in the form of a conk or something similar.

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