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Tree Climber

Plants that require some sort of support to grow to their full height are known as climbers. Many of these climbers cling to trees and come to be known as tree climbers. Climbing plants can be found in almost every category. Some make use of aerial roots, while others use their hook-tipped leaves. Others have thorns or woody stems. Vines are the most common tree climbers found. They are thin-stemmed and many are also parasites. Parasites are those tree climbers which derive their nutrients from the host tree. The climbers grow faster than the tree to which they are attached.

Many climbing plants are grown in gardens or on walls to enhance the landscape of the area. A large number of tree climbers have pretty flowers when they are exposed to full sunlight, but fade in the shade. Tree climbers also help give the appearance of a lush, green jungle with their entwined stems and leaves. Some common tree climbers include yellow trumpet, honeysuckle, jasmine and clematis. Roses and clematis when let onto trees paint an exotic picture when in bloom. These climbers are sold potted and you need to buy those which have short, strong shoots.

Tree climbers can be planted at any time of the year. Early flowering climbing plants should be pruned immediately after they flower. Climbing plants that flower later should be pruned in the spring. Care needs to be taken when pruning tree climbers especially if diseased plants or wood is involved. Cleaning the garden tools with disinfectant before proceeding to the next plant is a good idea. Trees with a thick foliage means the climber will get more shade than sunlight. So pruning the tree to ensure more sunlight is also a good idea. If you have any doubts or questions about the right way of pruning your climbers go to the nearest nursery and get some pointers.

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