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The Giving Tree

The Giving Tree is an organization that began operating in January 1998 as a non-profit agency. This agency specializes in facilitating adoptions of children with special needs currently in state custody. They identify and select appropriate families which will undertake the responsibility of caring for these foster children. The Giving Tree also assures the adoptive families of their help and support through the adoption process and also after. Fund for the agency are obtained from individuals, corporations and foundations. The Department of Human Resources of the state of Georgia, Office of Adoptions and the Department of Family and Children Services are their other mentors.

The founder of The Giving Tree is Leslie Greenberg. The organization has an online address ( which aims to put across the purpose and goals behind this agency. Through the site, one can know about adoption and the procedure for going about it. The site stresses the importance of adoption and gives statistics to emphasize the enormity of the issue. It says for instance that more than a 100,000 children are in foster care are orphans and are awaiting families that will take them in. Adoption processes can take up to a year to be completed.

Those considering adopting through The Giving Tree can even fill out an online form expressing your interest in the program. Following this the agency will schedule orientation programs. Once selected, they also provide training to the adoptive family. The agency also takes up a matching process. Through this The Giving Tree seeks to place a child with the family that can best cater to his/her needs and requirements. This process is also a lengthy one for finding a right match does take time. The website also has a section where donations can be made. Here, volunteers can also register. There is also a section that offers merchandise for sale. The proceeds of these go towards furthering the cause of the children.

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