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Tea Tree Oil

In an age where people are turning to nature and natural treatments the popularity of tea tree oil comes as no surprise. This oil is extracted from the melaleuca tree found in Australia. This tree grows in wet and swampy places and comes in more than 300 varieties. But only one has the valued, famous oil. The melaleuca tree has needle like leaves somewhat similar to the cypress and pale flowers. The aborigines have used tea tree oil for ages having recognized its various antiseptic and curative properties. The oil is distilled from the tree leaves through a special process. Perhaps, the best part about the whole procedure is that the tree continues to stand for years since only the leaves are required for the oil.

Tea tree oil is considered an effective antiseptic, germicidal, antibacterial and fungicidal. Some of the ailments that can be treated with this oil are athlete’s foot, cold and flu, cold sores, toothaches and gum infections. Other problems that can be eased with this herbal remedy include acne, mosquito bites and sunburn. These various properties have made tea tree oil an essential component in many shampoos, creams, skin cleansers and many other external cosmetic applications. Nasal congestion can be cured by putting in a few drops of tea tree oil in steaming water and inhaling the fumes. A massage with the oil can relieve rheumatic pain. A weekly massage can help boost the immune system.

The oil can act as a disinfectant when added to daily bath water. The oil is mostly irritation-free but in case you are worried about your skin being extra sensitive, it could be diluted with other substances such as baby oil or olive oil. Aloe vera jelly can also be used for this purpose. Most pharmacies and health food stores stock tea tree oil. A small bottle should last you for a long time and this will also be a good idea if you are trying the oil for the first time.

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