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Money Tree

One very popular indoor plant is the money tree. The botanical name of this plant is “pachira” and it often has a braided stem. The money tree figures prominently in Feng Shui. The money tree is often thought to bring luck to the person who keeps it. This is primarily because the money tree has five leaved branches. In Feng Shui, these five leaves are believed to symbolize the five fundamental elements – metal, water, earth, wood and fire.

The money tree is thought to be more effective in bringing good fortune. The natural habitat of this plant is in the wetlands of Central America. When indoors it is usually found as a bonsai but can also grow up to at least two meters. The braided stem also has some significance. It is thought that the money and good fortune the tree brings in will be enclosed within the braided stems and not leave. Like most other indoor plants this one too requires some sunlight and regular water. Care should be taken to ensure that this plant does not freeze during the winter months.

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The money tree does not require any particular care. Though it is a plant that grows in the wetlands, it can do with very less water and sunlight. But this does not mean that you can forget to water it regularly and expect it to survive! It is a good idea to have some sand in the pot holding the money tree. It will help in proper water drainage. It is possible to trim the leaves of the plant if they get too big or if you want to modify the shape of the plant in some way. New leaves appear very quickly on money tree plants. So, even those leaves which fall off due to age will be replaced very soon.

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