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Hawaii State Tree

The state tree of Hawaii is the kukui which is also known as the Candlenut. Its Latin name is Aleurites moluccana and it was adopted in the year 1959. The Kukui is thought to be a native of Hawaii and is thought to have been in existence for hundreds of years. The tree is light-colored and is usually found on the slopes of mountains. The Hawaii state tree can grow up to be quite tall and also has some small white flowers on it. The kukui also has a small fruit that grows on it which is somewhat similar to a coconut.

Oil is also extracted from the fruit of the kukui and this has moisturizing properties. This fruit of the Hawaii state tree is also often used in the cuisine of certain countries. The different parts of the kukui tree are also used for medicine and cosmetic purposes. For instance, the oil from this can be used to improve the texture and health of your hair. Similarly the kernel and the bark also have curative properties. The extracts form these are used for the treatment of ailments ranging from the common headaches and fever to ulcers and tumors. At one time the fruit of the Hawaii state tree was used for making dyes also.

The kukui nut can also be burned to give out light. It is ideally placed in stone lamps and torches. The trunk is used to make canoes and weights to hold down the fishing nuts. A type of glue can also be extracted from the Hawaii state tree. Nowadays the fruits are mainly used for oil and this is used domestically. Various accessories such as necklaces, hair clips and the like made of the kukui nuts can be bought from certain online stores so you don’t have to visit Hawaii for a memento.

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