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Family Tree Maker

Charting out a family tree is a very challenging task and requires concentration, patience and very good organizational skills. With the advances made in technology today the whole process can be simplified and made much easier through a variety of software available in the market. Programs such as Family Tree Maker are available in different versions. The latest version is 2006 and this is already on the market. Such programs help you chart out the family tree on your PC and do away with the need for pens and papers and physical charting. If you do not own a computer or are not comfortable using one, then you have the option of choosing family tree maker books.

Irrespective of whether you choose the book or the software there are a few similarities between the two. They give you tips on how to search for information on your ancestors. Then once you have your data and sources all organized the family tree maker advises you on how you can sort them and locate the remaining gaps. The software version also makes sharing the completed project friends and family easier. You can choose to save all the info on disk or put it out on a web page.

The Family Tree Maker software has some additional benefits too. For instance, it has access to tools to make searches more accessible. Then it offers color co-coordinated markings to make identifying and categorizing easier. Family Tree Maker has been in existence for nearly 15 years. Decorative charts, pictures and multimedia scrapbooks are all available. Subscriptions to various online databases are also included with the software pack. Free consultations with genealogical experts come along with the software pack. The program can also display various statistics as per category. For instance you can find out the total number of marriages in the family and average life span.

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