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Christmas Tree Shop

As the festive season approaches bargains and discounts are offered by all retailers to lure in customers. But the Christmas Tree Shop claims to offer reasonable prices throughout the year. Their outlets beckon shoppers with the slogan “Don’t you just love a bargain”? The chain offer seasonal merchandise for the home and currently fall themes and Halloween accessories are up on offer. Christmas Tree Shop outlets are found on the East Coast with a heavy concentration in Massachusetts. This is perhaps because the chain is headquartered here. In fact, the chain has at least 15 stores in the state which is the more than it has in any other state.

Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island and Vermont are the other states that have Christmas Tree Shops. One is scheduled to open soon in New Jersey too. You can shop for everything from quilts to candles to dinnerware to curtains. Lamps, baskets, mirrors, bags, jars and even dining tables and chairs can be found here. They also have an online catalogue ( but there is no online shopping facility available. You are advised to take the catalogue to the nearest outlet for shopping. The site offers visitors the option of purchasing gift cards of different denominations starting from $5. The site also has a section where those wishing to work with the chain can get an idea of the benefits the company offers them. These include health insurance, paid vacations and perhaps the most lucrative – employee discounts!

The website also has an interactive map detailing the locations where the Christmas Tree Shop stores can be found. Maps, directions, store hours and holiday schedule are all listed through these links. The stores are open through the week. The logo of the chain is a very apt one. It has a red sleigh with a Christmas tree placed on it.

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