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Trees teach us all certain values. A tree gives shade to everyone equally. This teaches us to be generous and teaches us to share and not be selfish. The tree gives shelter to numerous birds and wildlife without asking where they have come from. Tree climbers cling to them and they do not complain even when some of those suck up all their nutrients. There are different kinds of trees from small short bonsais to the tall sequoias and sturdy oaks. Besides these, there are fruit trees and flowering trees. They are found in different varieties and produce flowers and fruits during different seasons. The kukui tree is the state tree of Hawaii and the sweet gum tree is one among thousands of varieties of trees.

Money trees are usually used for decorative purposes and are believed to be a harbinger of good luck and prosperity. Tree swings and tree houses are structures that can be put up or on trees and bring hours of enjoyment and relaxation to adults and children alike. These can be bought readymade or constructed in a few days time. Trees too have special needs and requirements and must be protected from different diseases that can affect them. Like children, young trees are also kept in nurseries and it is from here that you can choose one to your liking and plant it at home. Nurseries are also a source for information and help.

Various creatures make their home on trees and the tree frog is one among these. Trees are a rich source of natural medicines and have curative properties. Tea tree oil is an extract from one such tree and has many uses in the treatment and cure of various ailments. Then there are family trees and artificial trees. The former help you trace your ancestry over the centuries while the latter substitute for the real thing. Lighted palm trees are an example of the latter. Owing to the various qualities of the tree mentioned above, suffixing ‘tree’ to the name of an organization can be an indication of the noble work it does. The Giving Tree is one such charitable institute while the Christmas Tree Shop is as the name denotes is a place to shop for your Christmas tree and accessories.

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